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Now you can have the best of all antenna worlds: vertical polarization, horizontal polarization, and every type in between automatically, and with no electrical or mechanical switching. Circular Polarization (CP) for CB radios has arrived!

As featured in the June, 1980 issue of S/9 HOBBY RADIO

Not available commercially. Build your own while saving money and improving your communications range and antenna knowledge.

FEATURESEffects of various signal polarizations (22742 bytes)
bullet-1.gif (124 bytes) Improved performance on skip signals.
bullet-1.gif (124 bytes) Improved performance in hilly areas, or between tall buildings.
bullet-1.gif (124 bytes) Talk to mobiles (vertical) or bases (horizontal or vertical) automatically and without switching.
bullet-1.gif (124 bytes) 3-element beam design gives 7 dB gain over a dipole.
bullet-1.gif (124 bytes) Simple construction with common materials. Detailed, non-technical assembly and tuning instructions.

Circular Polarization (CP) is an idea borrowed from FM and TV broadcasters, who were faced with the problem of getting out to both cars (vertical) and homes (horizontal). CP is basically a rotating, twisting radio wave containing properties of all polarization angles, including all those in between vertical and horizontal. (Such as skip signals, signals from moving mobile whips, or signals bounced off hills or buildings.) Regardless of the antenna type used, most CB signals change their polarization as soon as they bounce off an object. With CP, it doesn’t matter. You’ll get out better and hear better, even if the other station is using a conventional antenna.

The other big advantage of CP is its elimination of multipath fading. You’ve probably experienced this as "ghosts" on your TV set when an airplane passed overhead. Or as fading when talking to a moving mobile. Since CP receives all polarization angles, it doesn’t matter what happens to the other station’s signal on its way to you. And when transmitting, the fact that your signal contains all types of polarization increases your chance of being heard by both local and skip stations. Finally, add to this the 7 dB beam effect. This is equivalent to a five-fold power increase! (A 4-watt CB sounds like 20 watts!)

Our plans include full details on mechanical assembly, matching, element dimensions, etc. And you’ll also get information on building a second type of CP antenna, as well as a 3-element Yagi beam antenna. That’s three antenna plans for the price of one!

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