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The question most often asked by our mail customers is, “Where can I find ______________?” (Fill in the blank with just about anything related to electronics or CB Radio.) It seems most people just don't know where to start looking for the radio supplies they want or need. Look no more! We’ve created a special list, by category, just for you.

Our CB SOURCES SUPPLY LIST helps you find CB and Ham equipment and related electronic supplies, quickly and easily. Some of the listed names will even direct you to more detailed lists. You’ll find almost anything here for your radio shack. We’ve used many of these firms personally, so we know they’re reliable, well stocked, and have good mailorder prices. And we’ve included toll-free "800" numbers where available to make your shopping even easier. Get your copy today!

Here’s a summary of the main categories:

CB Equipment — Retail
CB Equipment — Wholesale
CB Radio & Antenna Manufacturers
CB Specialties & Accessories
Ham Radio Equipment
Japanese ICs & Transistors
Tubes & Antique Radio Supplies
Electronic Parts — Surplus
Electronic Parts — New
Test Equipment — New
Test Equipment — Surplus
Electronic Books & Magazines

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