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Calling all CB & HF radio hobbyists:
there’s still time for some great DX fun!

NOTE: To keep up-to-date on current DX propagation conditions & sunspot info, be sure to read the monthly "Propagation" column  in  CQ MAGAZINE. Check it out at:

I got my first Ham license in 1960, when I was just 14 and not even in high school yet. As shown in both graphs, 1960 was the year to beat! It had the highest levels in the recorded history of sunspots. All the HF bands like CB, 10M, 15M, and 20M were smokin' hot! But all the peaks since then have been almost as good, so whatcha waiting for?

The red graph (bottom) shows the predicted peak of our current 11-year sunspot cycle, Cycle 24. As you can see, it peaked around 2010, and was MUCH higher than Cycle 23.  This means there are still several years of great DXing left!  Make sure your CB radio is working at its best!

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