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Learn all about CB radio electronics when you build or install our specialized kits for both receivers and transmitters.  Choose from complete kits ready to go, or use your own parts and buy just the printed circuit board and detailed construction plans.

Dynamic Speech Processor
Boost your talk power and range! Includes detailed assembly & installation instructions. Don't forget to check our special report, ALL ABOUT SPEECH PROCESSING.

Frequency Modification Plans & PC Board
The Expander 160 and Expander 240 kit plans. Choose from these two different circuits that work on most CB radio synthesizers. Get up to 240 channels! Includes detailed assembly & installation instructions.   Additional information is available on the Application Notes page.
TriPower RF Linear Amplifier Plans
Here's a great way to learn about solid-state power amps.  Choose from three different power levels up to 180W PEP while you stuff and solder the circuit board you will build.   This is 28 pages of the most detailed instructions you'll find anywhere!
Circular Polarized CB Beam Antenna Plans
Build this unique 3-element base beam antenna and pull in those weak signals from every direction: horizontal, vertical, and everything in between!

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