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Nobody beats us as THE source for specialized CB radio technical information.  Here are a few examples.

NEW! The Galaxy & Ranger Service Manual, Second Edition
Finally, a complete manual from Lou Franklin on these very popular transceivers. Completely redrawn and readable schematics. Plus alignment procedures, voltage charts, theory, and much more!
Uniden & Cybernet Export Service Manuals
The only service manuals available and each book covers many models.  Written by Lou Franklin, these include big easy-to-read schematics, alignment procedures, theory, voltage charts, etc.
Circular Polarized CB Beam Antenna Plans
Build this unique 3-element base beam antenna and pull in those weak signals from every direction: horizontal, vertical, and everything in between!
CB Tune-Up and Modification Reports
These reports are custom made for specific CB models and include a basic how-to tuneup guide, plus specific modification tips, power and modulation adjustments, layouts, phone numbers, etc.
A huge reference list of over 1,000 PLL models which tells you whether or not the circuit can be expanded for more frequencies, and which SAMS Fotofacts book it's in.  Know before you buy a used “dog” that can't be modified!
Names and addresses for CB-related hardware, radio and antenna manufacturers, wholesale & retail dealers, books, correspondence courses, & much more.

Also check our “FREEBIES” page for great resource material.  Channel frequencies, crystal-synthesizer mixing charts, broadbanding tricks, mike wiring, Sams Fotofacts® list, and much more!  Also a FREE book download for our CB EPROM DATA BOOK. We're always adding new stuff that you can download for later study, so check this page often.

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