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CBers around the world love our books because they're all written in a plain, no-nonsense style that everyone can understand.  And they include the kind of detailed information that you just won't find in a general textbook.   Please check the ORDER FORM for some great package discounts on these CB radio books!

Understanding & Repairing CB Radios
NOTE! Back in stock now! We’ve had thousands of requests from happy readers for a more detailed reference that would pick up where The “Screwdriver Expert’s” Guide leaves off. And so we’ve created the “ultimate” CB radio technical book. (At 370 pages, it's nearly four times bigger too!)  For professional technicians, or serious hobbyists who already have a basic knowledge of solid-state electronics.
The CB PLL Data Book
Here's the most comprehensive easy to understand reference guide to CB PLL circuits you'll ever need. Learn how to get lots more channels, the best and worst models to modify, plus much more!
The “Screwdriver Expert’s” Guide
Since 1976, our “Big Dummy’s” manual of CB radio repair has helped thousands. Fix the most common CB radio & antenna problems yourself and save money!
About The Author
Everything you ever wanted to know about Lou Franklin.

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